About Leaf and Groove

So what is Leaf and Groove? It is primarily a book shop, dealing in second hand, largely donated books that will be sold in order to provide a sustainable income for Forest Hill Library. But what it is not, what it certainly is not, is a charity shop. This will be a proper book shop, not piles of books of poor quality that have had their corners bent, sand between the pages, jam on the spine, last five pages missing. No, not at all, this will be a shop of distinction, a browsers paradise, and a book-lovers dream.

So you understand the leaf part – leaves of a book, leaves from a forest; but what about the groove? That is where the vinyl comes in, and probably CD’s as well. Again, this will not be a jumble of terrible records that no one wants, we’ll have some of the greats, some obscure treasures and some rare finds.