We hope to be able to reopen our doors from April 15th in line with the government roadmap. Due to the small space at Leaf & Groove we are operating a two-at-a-time policy, and would ask that all users please respect social distancing guidelines and keep their distance from other customers and staff. We are accepting donations, but would ask that they be provided in a box or bag that can be left with us, we will not be processing them until a 72 hour period has passed. Please be aware when browsing that you might be picking up and putting down items that have been handled by others, we would recommend that you use a sanitiser before and after your visit. Payment by card only please, cash donations very much still welcome in the box at the counter. If you have a mask, then please do wear it, this is a confined space that lots of people will be using, just like a bus or train, so it just makes sense to take all precautions. If you have had any symptoms in the last fourteen days, or have been in contact with anyone who has, then please stay home and call the NHS.